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Please take note we are a Wilderness Camp in a big 5 Reserve with no fences around the Camping Site. De Rust is located next to the Pienaars River and natural flooding during the raining season might occur. 

Campers use De Rust Caravan Park at own risk.


All park guests are required to abide by parks rules at all times



All visitors to any section of the property, for whatever reason for their visit, are doing so at their own risk.

De Rust or any member of staff will not be liable for any loss or damage of property for whatever reason including acts of God or any natural or unnatural occurrence that might happen during their stay.


By making a booking with De Rust Caravan Park you accept the following terms and conditions.

Group bookings of more than 6 adults must be made via email or telephone


Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult when visiting the Ablutions

Day Visitors
No day visitors are allowed

Small dogs are welcome at De Rust Caravan Park. Dog owners must take full responsibility for their pet and to ensure they do not disturb other guests when on the property. Dogs are not permitted in communal areas and must be kept on a lead at all times. A detailed overview of rules regarding dogs is available from the office.

Your site
Please keep your site clean and tidy and use the facilities provided for rubbish and Braai and Fire ash disposal. No Fires to be made on the ground and grass areas. Everyone appreciates a well kept site, so please remember that we do not allow trenches to be dug in the park, under no circumstances.


Vehicles must be parked on your site unless directed by the Customer Reservations Team.


Speed limit
In the interest of safety, the speed limit throughout the park is WALKING PACE only, not exceeding 10kph.

Noise and behavior
In the interest of all guests enjoying their stay, we ask that excessive noise is ceased by 10 pm. Music and TV’s should not be audible to adjoining sites. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children do not disturb the peace and quiet of other park guests. Offensive behavior or rowdy parties will not be tolerated and will result in the offenders being evicted from the park. Excessive use of alcohol is an unacceptable condition of your stay.

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards
Bicycles and electric scooters are permitted in the Park. However, it is essential that safety equipment is worn at all times and not to be ridden after dusk or in communal areas. No trail, quad or mini bikes are permitted within the park.

Fires and open flames
Open fires are only permitted in a fire vessel at camping sites only, with a minimum clearance of 200mm off the ground. Definitely no fires on the ground. Fire restrictions may apply. No fires or open flames are permitted during Total Fire Ban days.

No smoking is permitted inside caravan park buildings and enclosed public areas. Please dispose of cigarette butts appropriately.

Petrol / gas
Storage is strictly forbidden in the park.

Any person found to be damaging park property or that of other guests will be evicted from the park and will be held responsible for repair costs. Additional cleaning costs are applicable if sites are not left in a clean and tidy state when you check-out.

Trees and landscaping
Removal or damage to trees, shrubbery or park grounds is strictly prohibited.


CLEANING & DAMAGE: Camping Sites must be left in a tidy manner and facilities in working order. Sites left excessively dirty or if there is damage to the site, a fee will be charged to your credit card commensurate to the extra time required to clean or to repair the damage. 


MARKETING: By providing your email address you agree to us sending you emails regarding park upgrades, updates and special promotional offers. (No 3rd party will have access to your information)



Bookings can only be confirmed when a deposit of 50% or full payments are received. Payments must be done within 48 hours thereafter the reservation will be removed. Bank deposits in cash, EFT, PayPal and other Electronic payments like Zapper are accepted. Full payment in cash, card or bank transfers will be required before entering the Camp Site on arrival. 

Off Peak Season 

Peak including Long Weekends (including December, January or Easter) 


Minimum Night Stays 
At various times throughout the year, the Camp Site require a minimum number of nights to be booked, due to high demand, for example minimum 2 night stay. This will be clearly advertised at the time of booking. 

Bookings are considered per person per night sharing. At least one adult must be in each group. 
A child is classified as aged 3-16. Infants under 3 are free.

De Rust Caravan Park reserves the right to move bookings to manage our business. Whilst we make every effort to provide guests with the accommodation requested, there are occasions when bookings may need to be moved to another site. If this occurs, we will make every attempt to notify guests of the change prior to their arrival, should time permit.

If the alternative accommodation is of the same standard  or at the same location (site), no refunds will be offered to guests and the cancellation policy will apply.

Check in time is 11am for camp sites 
Check in time can be arranged with management 
Check out time is 10am all year round


Please understand that camping is meant to be an outdoor experience; we do not give refunds for situations beyond our control (weather, natural disasters, illness), however, can issue a credit per the cancellation guidelines below.

Cancellations – up until 14 days prior to the booking will incur an administration fee of R150 per booking. 
Cancellations – within 14 days of the booking will incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the deposit paid. 
Cancellations - on the day of the booking or during the stay will not receive a refund.
Rescheduling of reservations will incur an administration fee of R80 per booking.

Reduction in number of nights stay – are not possible, guests either pay the full value of the booking or completely cancel the booking subject to the cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy is related to the time-frame between the cancellation date and your anticipated arrival date, regardless of when the reservation was made. 

All third party bookings websites (eg. / have their own cancellation policies. If a booking is made via a third party, the conditions of that particular booking entity will be adhered to. Please note that these may be different from the caravan park booking conditions.

The season dates for peak and off-peak  will change slightly each year in accordance with calendar movements: 
The dates shown below are a general guide only and seasonal times should be confirmed with the park when booking.

Peak: 10 Dec- 15 Jan, Easter and other long weekends and special events

Off Peak: 15 Jan-30 April to 1 May- 31 Oct & 1 Nov- 10 Dec

Monthly and Long-Term stay

Reservations for long-term stay works on 30 day cycle. Reservations must be made in advance on availability of the stand. 
All private property must be removed and the stand to be cleared before 11am on booking out. 


Park Policies

General Prices, rules and policies are subject to change without notice. Park Management reserves the right to evict any person who fails to obey the park rules. Eviction from the park will result in forfeiture of all monies paid.

If you would like to discuss any of the above, please speak to our Owner / Management Team.


safe driving is in the hands of the visitor. We would like to provide the following recommendations:
  • You should only travel in a vehicle that is well serviced and roadworthy.

  • Prepare carefully – inquire from game rangers and management at the reserve about the roads and whether your vehicle will be capable of travelling on these roads.

  • Do not “test” the capabilities of your vehicle and avoid driving where you cannot see the surface of the road.

  • Before you embark on your safari, inform others where you will be travelling and when you could be expected to return. [It is best to drive in a convoy!]

  • Remain on the paths at all times and do not leave them – you will not be aware of nasty surprises next to the roads.

  • Expect roads to be narrow with few overtaking opportunities. 

  • Be alert to varying road conditions, changes in road surface, sharp corners or crests which reduce visibility – adjust your speed accordingly.

  • Visibility is often reduced by the presence of encroaching roadside vegetation and sharp corners.

  • Patience needs to be demonstrated when sharing the road with other visitors and wildlife. 

  • Speed needs to be reduced to the advised limits – remember this is a game drive – slow down and enjoy the view! 

  • Drivers need to be aware of the impact of the changing weather on the road surface and surrounding environment and drive accordingly by reducing speed and using lights appropriately.

  • During winter, fog is a regular occurrence at dawn and at dusk which can obscure driver vision and will require even slower speeds.

  • On a self-drive - stay in your vehicle at all times - you will put yourself in danger if you get out of your car anywhere unless at a designated safe place.

  • Remember that even though you may have carefully scanned the area, animals are masters at remaining concealed - predators do it daily when stalking prey – do not risk becoming prey.

  • If you are close to an animal and observing it, take note of its behaviour - if it looks agitated in any way, or makes mock runs at you, or stares and paces up and down, then move slowly off.

  • You should be safe within your vehicle as vehicle/animal incidents are very rare. 

  • The only animal that can really take you on in a vehicle is an elephant and they could be dealt with mostly by just holding your ground with the engine of the vehicle turned off.

  • Revving the engine or hooting is not a good idea as this might be seen as a challenge - a contest where the odds are not on your side!


make YOUR game drive safer and more enjoyable. Remember that you are in nature, and nature provides a few unique challenges. Always keep these suggestions in mind:
  • Enquire about the climate and weather conditions before you embark on a safari.

  • Safari operators might be able to provide recommendations on the desired clothing during the specified period of your travel.

  • Listen to the weather reports but make provision for sudden changes. 

  • Even in mid-summer pack a light fleece or something to ward off the chill. 

  • Weather reports seldom consider the temperature at 5 is. In winter pack like you're going to somewhere snowy but make sure you can strip it off because by mid-morning temperatures are normally pleasantly warm.

  • Always be prepared for the warm African sun with a hat, suntan lotion and enough water to prevent dehydration.

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